Boys Varsity Soccer · Blazing For The Win!

Men’s soccer has been a popular sport at Durango High School for many years now. Players come from all around the country to be a part of the Durango soccer team. Our school goes by a motto; dedication, hard work and success, which is implemented to all of our sports. Currently, Durango has 19 players on its 2017-2018 team. This year men’s soccer was ranked 6th place in the state. In addition, they hit a high of 81 goals in one season, which was not possible without Tyson Tesfamariam, Jaime Mungula, Marcos Delgado, and William Hailu. With the help of Coach Richard Cuellar, men’s soccer has come a long way. Coach Cuellar’s philosophy is involved in improvement and high expectations. Throughout the years, Coach Cuellar has seen major improvement with his athletes. Coach Cuellar believes in good sportsmanship; he expects his athletes to be their best in the game and end their best in the game whether we win or lose.