Girls Varsity Soccer · Kick It Up A Notch

Durango High School’s women’s soccer program is extremely helpful with the players involved in it. It helps the players focus on their education, in soccer, and in their outside life.  With the coach’s strategies and tactics being instructed to her players in all three levels, it has evolved into a  program that has been successful. Coach Lara Dupree is the head coach at Durango High School for women’s soccer. She focuses on building her players’ characters through the sport. She uses Durango High School’s motto with her coaching style by promoting dedication, hard work and success to her players to achieve their goals in life. Durango’s women’s soccer team is a tight knit bond where the players treat each other like family in and out of school. The program teaches discipline and responsibility, while producing relationships that will continue on even after their high school years, which creates an open environment to everybody and no experience is necessary to get started.