Girls Varsity Volleyball · Serve It Up!


Bump! Set! Spike! Durango’s Women’s Volleyball program is all about D.H.S.– Dedication, Hard work, and Success.  Dedication is being able to step on the court and giving their all even if they had a bad day. Hard work is going home from practice with aching muscles and waking up the next morning ready to practice through the pain.  Success is being able to leave practice feeling like you have improved on your skills and technique. Sportsmanship and a positive mentality are the backbone of being able to play the sport well. Their floor burns and bruises show the effort they put into playing the sport, the tears that shed are the emotions you feel after every trial that is made on the court.With the use of D.H.S., the Women’s Varsity Volleyball team earned the rank of #6 in the state, with their record of 24-12. Not only do they give their all on the court, but family is also a prominent support system for the sport and all the players; they treat each other like they’re sisters since the sport makes them a family.