Trailblazers News · Durango Continues to Make History: Hall of Fame Induction

Friday, February 2, 2018, marked the eleventh annual Hall of Fame induction at Durango High School. Eleven years ago, Assistant Principal, Tim Jackson, began developing the event that recognized former Durango High School alumni that are an innate part of Durango’s history. The past nine years of the ceremony have been dedications to teams, players and coaches from the Durango family. This years event recognized players Mia Bell, Tommy Pham and Hayley Spelman.

Athletic Director Erik Barry and Durango Alumni Tommy Pham, February 2, 2018, at the Annual Hall of Fame Induction. MLB Player, Tommy Pham, was one of three honorees from Friday night’s event at Durango High School.
Tommy Pham with four of Durango High School’s Baseball players after Pham’s induction into Durango’s Hall of Fame Ceremony.
Mia Bell, Tommy Pham and Hayley Spelman were inducted into Durango High School’s Annual Hall of Fame Ceremony, Friday, February 2, 2018. Assistant Principal, Tim Jackson has been the coordinator of this ceremony, which has become a part of Durango High School’s tradition for the past 11 years.
Principal Nathan Miller, with Mr. and Mrs. Spelman, Friday night at the annual Hall of Fame. The Spelman’s accepted the award on behalf of their daughter Hayley Spelman, who is currently playing Professional Volleyball overseas.
Principal Nathan Miller with former all-star Mia Bell at the Hall of Fame induction, Friday, February 2, 2018. Bell graduated from Durango High School to further her athletic career at UNLV, where she now is a part of the coaching staff as well. Bell is the first female athlete at UNLV to become a part of the coaching staff she played for.