Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · Durango’s Cross Country: Crossing the line!

Durango’s Cross Country is all about being a team and working together. Head coach Erik Barry believes his athletes should “run for something not for yourself”, and he believes in working hard to be the best. Cross Country is a very strong cardio endurance sport where key players Dagim Seme, Tim Kedrowski, Jacob Bavaro, Zenon Kokowsky, William McMahon, Andrea Godinez, Paige Landers, and Isabella Grazide excel. The boys have a 16:25 record for a 5k run, while the girls are holding a 20:21. In 2016, the girls finished in 13th place at the 4A sunset region meet. The girls also appeared at state in 1999 holding third place, and in 1998 fifth place.


On September 9, 2017, Durango’s Cross Country both men and women ran at Sunset Park. The Durango official team score was 322 for men and 443 for women. Sophomore, Derek Desario, ran 3 miles around sunset park in 20:50.0.
Dagim Seme, 11, races to pass a runner from the Arbor View Aggies at the Spring Valley Weekday. Intense focus and determination is seen on his face as Seme uses his skill and perseverance to push himself with everything he has.
Sweat is running down her face, her heart is racing, and adrenaline is rising. Destiny Cisneros, 10, pushes through her last mile. There are uproars from the other teams, but she swiftly runs with them. She gives it her all, and before she knows it, her legs are taking her past the finish line. The end of the race is like the end of all struggles, and Destiny Cisneros knows that she’s made it to the finish.