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Kick It Up A Notch

Durango High School’s women’s soccer program is extremely helpful with the players involved in it. It helps the players focus on their education, in soccer, and in their outside life.  With the coach’s strategies and tactics being instructed to her players in all three levels, it has evolved into a  program that has been successful.

Serve It Up!

  Bump! Set! Spike! Durango’s Women’s Volleyball program is all about D.H.S.– Dedication, Hard work, and Success.  Dedication is being able to step on the court and giving their all even if they had a bad day. Hard work is going home from practice with aching muscles and waking up the next morning ready to

Crossing the line!

Durango’s Cross Country is all about being a team and working together. Head coach Erik Barry believes his athletes should “run for something not for yourself”, and he believes in working hard to be the best. Cross Country is a very strong cardio endurance sport where key players Dagim Seme, Tim Kedrowski, Jacob Bavaro, Zenon

Blazing a Trail for Football

Football is the embodiment of spirit, supportive friends and families as well as a strategic coaches who motivate their dedicated players to succeed. Durango High School’s football program is just this: Ranking 24 in the state and ending with an overall score of 6-4, the season of 2017 is one to remember. With the help

Blazing For The Win!

Men’s soccer has been a popular sport at Durango High School for many years now. Players come from all around the country to be a part of the Durango soccer team. Our school goes by a motto; dedication, hard work and success, which is implemented to all of our sports. Currently, Durango has 19 players